This is the perfect place, famous around the world, for fans of paragliding. An airfield for ultralight aircraft.

Meduno is one of the most famous and popular flying sites for paragliding in Friuli Venezia Giulia. With its surrounding mountains and hills, it is famous the world over among everyone who loves free flight and ultralight aircraft: it offers gentle grassy slopes, the perfect atmospheric conditions for both beginners and experts, and strong continuous updrafts, making it a yearly destination for thousands of Italian and foreign sports fans.

Staying in this area, in Solimbergo, ultralight aircraft and powered hang-glider pilots can land on the lush green meadow of the Sasso d’oro Agritourism farm airfield, making it a base for their flights. 300 m x 50 m, the runway is also used as a landing site by more experienced fans of free flight, who take off from nearby Mount Valinis, an area well-known among fans from all over Europe for its extraordinary updrafts. Beginners can also experience the thrill here of an exciting tourist flight in a tandem paraglider, accompanied by expert instructors (for more information, visit the Sasso d’oro Agritourism farm).
In addition to the heights around Travesio, Castelnovo and Solimbergo, there is another perfect spot for paragliding on the slopes of Mount Cavallo, above Aviano.