The Friulian Dolomites for children

Observe the deer, roe deer and alpine ibex up close that live here freely among the rocks. Learn how to weave a basket or bake bread. Follow the footsteps that the dinosaurs left in the rock millions of years ago. Perform acrobatics in complete safety, passing from tree to tree. Experience a canyoning adventure. Have fun identifying the plants, flowers and herbs along enjoyable guided tours with a botanist. The Friulian Dolomites are great for children and offer families a wide range of experiences to enjoy together. Hotels, farmhouses and B&Bs also pay particular attention to families, offering them special discounts.
From fantastic tales to real experiences: children - the new barons in the trees - can experience the thrill of adventure at the RampyPark, an acrobatic forest park in a wonderful beech forest a few hundred metres from the Piancavallo centre. Fun and excitement are guaranteed in complete safety. The many albering trails guarantee hours of fun, without ever letting your feet touch the ground.
There are varying degrees of difficulty: from the easiest ones for young children to the decidedly more challenging trails, which might even be a test for parents, to the incredibly difficult “black” trail which is only for the most athletic and sporty climbers.

The Pianpinedo Wildlife Park, situated between the Municipalities of Cimolais and Claut, teaches the young (and old) how to develop and expand their understanding of nature. Roe deer, deer, alpine ibex and marmots live freely around its 35 hectares. It is easy to get there and perfect for any families who want to bring their children closer to nature, helping them to observe up close the wild animals, and – by following the botanical trail – mountain plants and flowers as well. Next to the Park there is an Educational Farm dedicated to the ancient crafts of Valcellina, where workshops can be organised upon reservation to learn how to weave wicker baskets, process the milk to make ricotta, or knead the dough to bake bread in the large wooden oven built in the building’s courtyard.

In the Friulian Dolomites Park you can search for the dinosaur footprints dating back 215 million years: they have been left on a boulder at the foot of the Casavento River waterfalls, a few minutes from the Casavento Farmhouse. They belong to a theropod dinosaur, a carnivorous predator, probably 5 to 7 metres in length. To get there, you follow the road that climbs up from Lesis, a small village in the Municipality of Claut.

Just like in an adventure film, let yourself slide down the waters of a torrent enclosed between high rock faces, going over cascades, slides and jumps: pure adrenaline and excitement for the whole family are guaranteed at the Pradis Aqua Park in Clauzetto. Together with a professional Alpine Guide, children can go on an adventure in small groups between the rocks and waters, following the course of the Aga Viva torrent, a real water playground which is also fun for any parents who want to join them. You do not need any special kit since all the equipment - a 5 mm neoprene wetsuit, shoes, helmet and harness - is provided by Live And Play.

A mini tourist train on wheels lets you safely visit one of the natural wonders of the Friulian Dolomites, the Cellina Gorge. This picturesque trail starts from Barcis and crosses through the entire reserve, so you can see the fantastic eroded formations that the torrent has slowly shaped by cutting through the narrow canyon, which is one of the most spectacular in Italy.

Among the many other interesting places for families, there is the old Antonio Pitter hydroelectric power station in Malnisio (a magnificent example of industrial architecture from the early 20th century and now a museum that is part of the Immaginario Scientifico, featuring interactive trails) and the Vajont Dam, a place of remembrance which should be visited and explained even to younger children as a reminder that such devastating tragedies must not happen again (guided tours are available along the crown).