A natural oasis to enhance the local varieties of fruits and vegetables and the rearing of minor or endangered animal breeds

The Rural Park of San Floriano, standing on the hill of the same name, was opened to the public in November 1980 and serves as a guided educational reserve for the local flora and fauna. It is owned by the Bazzi Foundation and is run by the Provincial Administration of Pordenone.

he Park also intends to be an example of environmental reclamation for the hillside areas in the Province of Pordenone by using experimental crops that do not alter the environmental balance, are financially attractive and can therefore be proposed as an alternative to the more widespread agricultural activities which, as we know, require the use of chemicals. Inside the Park there are many picturesque trails, including a fitness trail of about 1 km in length.

A small church stands atop the hill with a single nave and a semicircular apse, dating back to before 1000. Inside it has been decorated with a valuable series of frescoes painted between the 13th and 15th centuries. The Park is celebrated all throughout May every year and, in particular, on the 24th May which is the European Day of Parks.

All'interno del Parco vengono praticate attività di coltivazione (coltivazioni frutticole, piante aromatiche ed officinali) e allevamento (apicoltura) a scopo didattico e dimostrativo, rivolte a studenti, tecnici e agricoltori. L'obiettivo principale di questo lavoro è il recupero e la valorizzazione di varietà frutticole ed orticole locali e l'allevamento di razze animali minori o a rischio d'estinzione.

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Parco rurale di San Floriano
Località Colle San Floriano 2
33070 S.Giovanni di Polcenigo