Observing deer, chamois and wild animals up close without disturbing them. Plus: the Botanical Trail, the Educational Farm and the Visitor Centre.

Come and get close to elegant deer, shy roe deer, solitary chamois and a colony of alpine ibex; try to identify the squirrels as they scamper up the trees or a few sly foxes as they hide among the rocks and bushes; learn how to observe the wild animals of the mountains while respecting them and not disturbing their delicate ecosystem: you can do all this at the Pianpinedo Wildlife Park, situated between the Municipalities of Cimolais and Claut, an unspoilt protected area in the heart of the Friulian Dolomites. It is easy to get there and perfect for any families who want to bring their children closer to nature, helping them to observe up close the wild animals that live here in complete freedom, and – by following the botanical trail – mountain plants and flowers as well. A series of trails winds through its 35 hectares of land: you can follow them on your own or accompanied by a nature guide.

Among the curiosities here, there is a reconstructed Cialthinera, an ancient furnace that was once used to prepare lime: educational panels illustrate the preparation process.

At the entrance to the wildlife enclosure you will find the Visitor Centre which explores the subject of “nature through the senses”, helping you to learn about and experience the mountain environment in a new, magical, sensory, fun and immediate way, even for young children.

Next to the Park there is an Educational Farm dedicated to the ancient crafts of Valcellina. Children’s workshops can be organised here upon reservation, when they will learn how to weave wicker baskets, process the milk to make ricotta, or knead the dough to bake bread in the large wooden oven built in the building’s courtyard.

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