A bold 300 metre high aiguille, the symbol of the Friulian Dolomites

The Campanile di Val Montanaia, the symbol of the Friulian Dolomites and of the Nature Park which protects it, is located in the valley of the same name in the upper Cimoliana Valley. It is a spectacularly beautiful and wild Dolomitic aiguille, 300 metres high with a 60 metre base, which towers up in the heart of a magnificent Dolomite basin, surrounded by imposing, jagged rocky scenery. It looms up against the sky at the centre of the valley, in an apparently unique position given how isolated it is and completely distanced from other rock faces.

The Campanile di Val Montanaia was created by Alpine erosion, which was mainly caused by the huge glaciers that used to cover the main valleys, shaping their current formations. In mountaineering terms, it is famous around the world. It was climbed for the first time in 1902 during an incredibly difficult, dangerous and exposed climb by the Austrians, Viktor Wolf von Glanvell and Karl Gunther von Saar. Now the ascent - reserved only for experienced mountaineers - has been made safer thanks to the materials, techniques and special preparatory checks, although it should certainly not be underestimated. The easiest route there is by following CAI trail No 353 through the Cimoliana Valley.

To admire it from afar, a simple trail (CAI No 352) leads from the car park at the Pordenone Lodge to two beautiful viewpoints: the first is a panoramic viewing point located on a ridge, while the second - a little farther away and more spectacular - consists of a wide wooden terrace.

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