Charming waters: the emerald green lake and the spectacular canyon carved out by the Cellina torrent, the most awe-inspiring site in Friuli Venezia Giulia and among the most picturesque in Italy.

Lake Barcis in the heart of Valcellina welcomes visitors with its emerald green waters that reflect the thick forests nearby. Originally an artificial lake at 402 metres in altitude, it was built in 1954 to produce hydroelectricity. The characteristic village of Barcis stands on its northern shore, a welcoming holiday destination where a packed network of mountain bike trails and paths unfolds around its banks.

It’s a major water sports centre (including windsurfing, sailing, fishing and powerboating, even hosting many international races), and the starting point for many excursions through the magnificent wild Prescudin Regional Forest and through the spectacular Cellina Gorge, the largest canyon in Friuli Venezia Giulia and among the most picturesque and important in Italy. Now a Nature Reserve inside the Friulian Dolomites Regional Park, the gorge was carved out of the limestone rock over millions of years by the Cellina torrent, whose incredibly blue, clear waters flow underneath.
There are overhanging cliff faces and extraordinary phenomena created by water erosion (caves, tunnels, erosion potholes, smoothed rocks, etc): unique, spectacular views which you can admire by walking the Old road of Valcellina, which joins Montereale and Barcis. Now no longer used and off limits for cars, it is only opened at scheduled times for walkers and cyclists, while in summer you can follow the route aboard a mini tourist train. Its picturesque trail crosses through the entire reserve, so you can see the spectacular eroded formations that the torrent has slowly shaped by cutting through the narrow gorge between Mount Fara and the Pala d’Altei.
The view from up high over all this space will take your breath away. But it is a thrill you have to experience.

There is another sensational view for you to enjoy from the Dint sky walk, a steel footbridge suspended in mid air over the canyon. You can reach it by following the simple Dint Trail, along which you will also find other panoramic spots so you can enjoy the magnificent view over Lake Barcis.

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