Among the many interesting things to see and do, you absolutely cannot miss any of these. But there are also many others, all for you to explore...

Nothing is more important than the Campanile di Val Montanaia, a bold aiguille that towers 300 metres high, symbolising the unique nature of the Friulian Dolomites. However, it is not the only excellent feature of this extraordinary unspoilt land that is protected by the Friulian Dolomites Regional Park, inside of which you will find incredibly fascinating places such as Lake Barcis, the wildlife enclosure of Pianpinedo (where you can experience the thrill of observing up close the wild animals that live here freely), or the spectacular canyons and caves open to the public (such as the Cellina Gorge and the Pradis Caves in Clauzetto).
Climbing down from the mountains towards the plain, there are just as many surprises - and probably quite unexpectedly so - which this region holds for visitors: first and foremost, the Magredi, a rugged area with a delicate ecosystem, a river of pure white shingle which majestically surfaces where the Cellina and Meduna rivers sink down to form a massive underground river basin. Then there is the Palù Paleolithic site at the springs of the Livenza River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Rural Park of San Floriano in Polcenigo, a natural oasis with educational trails.

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